Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges by Volume & Low Fees

Cryptocurrency exchanges allow crypto experts to buy, sell, convert, store, and trade digital assets and tokens on their platform to increase profit for both parties. If you want spaces to enjoy any crypto exchange functions, the following best digital asset exchanges will be helpful.

Best Crypto Exchanges of 2023 (Overall)

When choosing the exchange to partner with, security, low transaction fees, ease of buying cryptos, trading volume, number of coins supported, bot compatibility, and arbitrage are important features to consider. Based on these features, the selected exchanges below will help you maximize your profit in the volatile market.

Binance: The best with the highest number of cryptos and large trading volume

Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform around the globe, according to the CoinMarketCap listing. It was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao in Hong Kong. It is widely praised for its low fees. It has about 30 million users around the globe and allows cryptocurrency and NFTs trading and storage on its platform. It supports over 600 cryptos and has a native token, BNB. This platform is one of the most secure exchanges around the globe. It has an intuitive website and application that beginners and experts can easily use for cryptos and NFTs storage and trading. Due to some restrictions on US cryptocurrency, this digital money exchange created its US affiliate, Binance US, for its US lovers.

Coinbase: The best for beginners

Coinbase is the easiest and most intuitive exchange for beginner and expert crypto traders. It is the largest crypto exchange in the US. It allows crypto enthusiasts to register on its platform with just a few clicks. It is one of the top 10 digital currency exchanges, with high security based on the CER listing. It has 108 million verified users across 100 countries and supports more than 170 digital coins. It has a native token, USDC, and allows NFTs lovers to store and trade NFTs. Finally, this exchange was founded in 2012 by Brain Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in the US. The best for security

According to the CER listing, is the number 1 global secure crypto exchange. It has a security rating of AAA (100%) and passes proof of fund, bug bounty, penetration, and other security tests, conducted by cybersecurity specialists. It has over 50 million users across various countries and more than 250 electronic assets. It has a native token, CRO, and allows verified users have access to NFTs features. This exchange history can be traced back to 2016 in Hong Kong. It was initially named Monaco by its founders, Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Raqfael Melo. However, in 2018, it changed its name to after purchasing the domain owned by a cryptography researcher, Prof. Matt Blaze. Presently, this exchange has its headquarters seated in Singapore.

Kraken: The largest crypto exchange in Europe and runner-up for security

Kraken is the largest crypto exchange platform in Europe and one of the oldest around the globe. It was established in 2011 by Jesse Powel in San Francisco, the United States. It has strong security, supports over 185 digital assets, and has over 9 million users across 190 countries around the globe. Users can use this digital currency exchange on websites and applications for cryptocurrency and NFTs trading and storage. Lastly, this exchange has no native token.

Best Exchanges ranked by Volumes

After studying various websites showing the best exchanges ranked by volume,,, and were studied for some period to conclude on the best exchanges ranked by volume. Of the five selected exchanges (Binance, Coinbase,, FTX, and Kraken), Binance was the digital currency exchange with the highest trading volume. This electronic money exchange, Binance, has a constantly higher daily trading volume than the others. The second exchange was Coinbase. FTX came after with a close range to Coinbase. Kraken was the fourth with a great lower range than Coinbase and FTX. The last exchange based on trading volume was

Best Exchanges ranked by Fees

Cryptocurrency fee varies based on the type of digital money exchange and coin you are withdrawing, depositing, or trading. After carefully studying the withdrawal, minimum withdrawal, and deposit fees of the 5 selected cryptos, FTX top the list of the best exchange ranked by fees. This exchange does not charge any crypto deposit and withdrawal fee, except for ETH, ERC-20, BEP -20, or small (less than 0.01) BTC withdrawals. FTX urges users to stake a minimum of 150 FTT to waive the amount charged on the digital currencies listed above. Second on the list is Coinbase. Its BTC and other coin withdrawals have low fees and a minimum withdrawal fee. Third on the list is, followed by Kraken and Binance. If you are looking for an exchange with lower fees, you can consider any of the 5 exchanges.

Listed below are some major cryptocurrencies and their fees on the exchanges. Fees for other cryptos can be found on the exchanges' websites and other trusted websites. It is important to note that these fees can change as charges vary based on coins' market value.

ExchangeDigital AssetsWithdrawal FeeDeposit FeeMinimum Withdrawal Fee

Crypto Exchanges fees comparison

Best Exchanges for Automated Trading

Trading bots help you buy or sell crypto at the perfect time and speed up transactions. Binance is a digital money exchange that uses a trading bot to maximize profit. It has the largest trading bot usage compared to other exchanges. You can use Cryptohopper, Pionex, Coinrule, HaasOnline, Bitsgap, and more with Binance. is also one of the exchanges that allow users to integrate trading bots to benefit from the market's volatile condition. Grid trading bot, Cryptohopper, CryptoHero, and One Click Crypto, are examples of trading bots you can use with If you enjoy using a trading bot, Kraken is also a good exchange that supports its usage. It has REST API documentation and WebSocket API documentation which users can use to implement their custom trading bot. In addition, this exchange recommends some other third-party bots such as Bitsgap, Autoview, Cryptohopper, Gekko, Hummingbot, and more.

Some trading bots, such as Bookmap, Caspian, and more, have also collaborated with the exchange for more bot usage benefits. FTX also allows you to build your position in the crypto market with trading bot integration on its platform. Bitsgap, Cryptohopper, 3Commas, Cornix, and Coinrule are bots that work with the exchange.

Lastly, Coinbase allows you to use a trading bot on its platform. You can use Bitsgap, Pionex, Coinrule, Quadency, and TradeSanta with Coinbase to profit more. All 5 exchanges allow the implementation of trading bots on their platforms. You can learn rules guiding bot usage and how to buy and launch in these exchanges to start profiting from the highly volatile trading market.

How safe and secure are the exchanges?

According to the listing, all 5 crypto exchanges are safe for trading and storing crypto and NFTs. The exchange which takes the first place in the security ranking is It has a security rating of AAA and a 100% security score. It passes the penetration test subjected to by cybersecurity experts. Based on this trusted security assessment platform, has a 100% server security and user security score. It has the highest cryptocurrencies average health score of 44.59%. Second among the most secure exchanges is Kraken. It also has a security rating of AAA, a 100% security score, a server security and user security score of 100%, and a cryptos' average health score of 43.64%.

Binance takes fifth place on the listing, with an AAA security rating of 97.40% security score. It has server security of 89.4%, user security of 94.7%, and a 40.62% cryptocurrency average health score. Coinbase comes after the Binance subsidiary. It ranked 7th, with an AAA security rating, security score of 97.10%, server security of 90.4%, user security of 91.2%, and digital assets' health score of 43.21%. Lastly, FTX US takes the fifth position in our ranking. It sits in the 28th position in the ranking. It has a security rating of A, a security score of 81.80%, server security of 100%, user security of 76.7%, and a digital money health score of 42.97%.

Can you do arbitrage?

Arbitrage involves buying crypto assets from one exchange and quickly selling them out in another exchange for a higher price. It is the early success secrets of Sam Bankman-Fried  
(SBF), FTX co-founder, of making FTX widely known around the globe. All 5 crypto exchanges allow their users do arbitrage. On Binance, you have three options for leveraging arbitrage to gain from the market. You can arbitrage on this platform on the Binance P2P, Binance exchange, and different platforms.

If you are willing to leverage triangle arbitrage, Kraken is the best exchange. If you want to be notified when an arbitrage token is available, coinbase is the right sport for you. It gives periodic notification of the available arbitrage token in the crypto market. Crypto arbitrage has some principles which you have to learn. Use any of the 5 exchanges for arbitrage to increase your profit and benefit from the crypto market.

Can you buy crypto with a card?

All exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrencies on their platform with a card. You can use a credit or debit Visa or Mastercard on Binance,, FTX, and Kraken. Coinbase does not support credit cards on its platform. A list of cards you can use to buy crypto on the 5 exchanges is listed in the table below.

ExchangeCards to purchase crypto on exchanges
Binancedebit/credit (Visa or Mastercard)
Coinbasedebit (Visa or Mastercard)
Crypto.comdebit/credit (Visa or Mastercard)
FTXdebit/credit (Visa or Mastercard)
Krakendebit/credit (Visa or Mastercard)

Exchanges and types of cards accepted for cryptocurrencies purchase


Selection factors considered for choosing the 5 best exchanges above are important for success in the crypto market. It is important to look at exchanges with the highest number of digital assets in which you can invest your money. Secondly, trading volume is a key factor that needs to be considered, as it will show you that a significant amount of trading is happening on your target crypto. This will guide you on the best cryptocurrencies to buy. After buying your crypto, the next is security. You will need an exchange with strong security to keep your digital assets away from the wrong hands.

Automated trading, arbitrage, and ease of buying cryptos are other important features to consider when choosing your best digital asset exchange. They will help you maximize your profit in the digital money market. All 5 exchanges (Binance, crypto, Kraken, FTX, and Coinbase) listed above possess all the good features you are looking for in any crypto exchange.